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"Responsive Support" isfast acting"Friendly, Knowlegable Support"making IT support less of a burden"Cloud Computing"means emails, files and services are always available

"Responsive Support" is

fast acting

We believe IT support should deal with problems as they arise. Whilst some situations demand more immediate attention we understand that support issues need to be resolved quickly and professionally so you can get on with your work.

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"Friendly, Knowlegable Support"

making IT support less of a burden

A business needs a reliable and secure network environment in order to operate, and a reliable means of communicating with their clients and staff. With a deep knowledge of setting up internal cabled and WiFi networks, secure Internet lines and both VOIP and traditional phone lines, we can keep your business running smoothly.

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"Cloud Computing"

means emails, files and services are always available

The cloud can be confusing, which is why we provide easy to use cloud based email and file saving solutions, so you never need to worry about not being in touch with the office or clients. With our Email and cloud solutions you can work from any location as if you were in the office.

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Low Costs
We understand IT costs are a burden. With our Straight Forward costing we have a solution for you.

IT Support

Our costs maybe low but with over 25 years experience we guarantee you a service second to none. Small or medium we are here to help.

Network Setup

Setting up a secure network is second nature to us. Whether you need a cabled or WiFi network we can cater for your business needs.

VOIP & Traditional Phones

Our mission is to simplify the world of office telephone systems and provide customers with a service that makes more sense.

Cloud Computing

With all the different cloud based systems it can be confusing, we help get you the right email, file storage & software cloud based solutions .

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How to remove compatibility mode from a network shortcut

So you have a program where the exe file runs from the server. You have created a shortcut on your desktop to the exe. file. For one reason or another you right clicked on the icon and ran Compatibility mode and it determined something…

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Cannot Create Outlook 2016 Profile on Local Network

We are seeing a lot of people who are no longer able to create profiles for their Internal network when running Outlook 2016, we have even seen comments where people and technicians are complaining to Microsoft where they have recently purchased Outlook 2016 which they feel…

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One Drive Personal Vs One Drive For Business Vs Sharepoint

It’s one of Microsoft’s flagship implementations, a cloud based file storage system, ONEDRIVE, a place to store all your files in the Cloud, where you no longer have to worry about backing them up or losing documents and pictures, a place which…

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Starting from the old days of mainframes and Windows 3.1 our team has grown up with the advances in computer technology. Having evolved from a help desk to bespoke communications software setups in the demanding shipping industry we understand the need to get jobs done quickly.

Fast Response

Some industries demand immediate resolutions to their issues. A loss of emails can cost a few businesses hundreds of thousands. We understand the importance of resolving issues quickly. Some problems may take longer than hoped to resolve, but we start acting as soon as we get notified of a problem.

Ethical IT

In and out quickly. We don’t believe in taking “longer than it should”, we understand time is money, and most importantly it’s YOUR money. One minute over the hour? Are we really going to charge you an extra half hour as a result? No.

The Future

Being able to adapt to future technology and business needs in a fast paced and every changing technological world is the key to forming a well structured and sustainable IT company and is essential to ensuring your business stays efficient and  keeps your costs low.

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