Apple creates a new problem with the iPhone 7 for the world to contend with

By now you have probably heard all the ho ha about Apple’s latest iPhone, and the controversy surrounding their “courageous” move with the wireless and cord free earbuds.

Now we have nothing against wireless technology, removing the need for all those unsightly cables in many ways is a blessing, so roll on wireless charging and electricity, but we can’t help feeling that having ear plugs without some form of connection between them is not without its problems.

1. The obvious, it is highly likely you will probably lose one of them, and from what we gather you need them both to work.

2. Not everyone’s ears are the same, and, whilst Apple, we hope has done extensive testing, one of them is bound to pop out of you ear,maybe because someone has knocked into you, or you make a sudden move. We can’t vouch for every city, but in London certainly the trains, tubes and buses are so crowded in the morning the rarely does anyone who is standing up and bunched in like sardines not get at least one headphone knocked out of their ear. which brings us to point 3 and perhaps the most annoying.

3.When Apple gave us its first iPhone it started a new war. Not one of technology, but one still being fought everyday on the streets. The wandering aimlessly looking at the screen and not where you are going war. Half the population stares downwards to see what is going on in their social life and business life, the other half spend their time avoiding them or deliberately not getting out of their way.Now with the wireless ear plug we will have scores of people wandering around on all fours on the pavement frantically looking for that lost earbud. Man has finally come full circle. From the prehistoric creature lurching around with its knuckles on the floor, to Homo Erectus and back down to the floor again.

We could be wrong, the decision to go cable free is a brave one, and we, in many aspects embrace the move. The earbuds appear to be magnetic so they attach to each other, but this may mean, rather than just losing one you will now lose both. There is something about the cable that makes them stand out more.

Time will tell on this one, we hope it works out. Maybe Apple or some clever person out there can write an app for “Where’s my earbud”?. (We’d like commission on that one please.. email us)

P.S for those of you worried about you current headphones no longer working on the new iPhone 7 they will be providing a cable so you can plug them into the power connector on the phone, so don’t despair just yet.