The Trials and Tribulations of Digital Music

And here we go again, new phones are coming out. Should you stick with an iPhone or move to an Android based phone?

Both do more than you will probably ever need them to, but then you only need them for your social media, communications, taking selfies and music, videos, TV, finance and all the rest. Should be easy enough to transfer?

Well for the most part it is, but music can come as a shock to many, all that money you’ve spent on building up a collection on your nice shiny iPhone, and now your worried that you won’t be able to transfer to your new Android.

Well first there are ways and means to export music to an MP3 and other formats, and this gets round most of the problems, but then there is digital security that may prevent the song from still playing unless within say an Apple based system. So what do you do other than buying third party software? And is that even legal?

Back in the “good ol’ days” we had to upgrade as well. First there was Vinyl, if we then wanted to hear our songs on the newer Tape format, guess what? We had to buy all our albums again or figure out a way using AUX cables to hook into the back of a tape recorder and voila (totally illegal!) Then CD’s came out offering us even better quality (or so we were told) and we had to buy all our albums, EPs, singles etc again, and now with Digital music we can transfer the CD”s to the phones, but what a pullava, easier just to buy them and as for the new music, it’s more convenient and quicker to just download there and then. So we end up building quite a large digital library.

The point is, people make a fuss these days about having to re-purchase their music just because they have changed their phone from one Operating System to another and this can tend to tie them down to the same Operating System, but the truth is we have always had to buy music to get it on the latest format, only now we buy again to get it on a different phone.You want music on an iPhone, you pay for it, you want it on an Android, you pay for it, just like we did when we wanted music on Vinyl and CD.

It’s a pain we know, and somehow feels we are being more than cheated, but it’s a fact of life, If we didn’t how else would our rock star idols be able to maintain the lifestyle they do that keep us amused in the gossip columns?

Best method, maybe Spotify or some other online music system (not sure about Tidal, Kanye West ain’t rocking our boat).

Remember this though, when you buy your digital music or film, its not yours, you don’t own it, you only own the right to use it, Just like when you pay a monthly subscription to cloud based software, or “purchase” a domain. You own the right to use it, that is all.