Excel – Sparklines – Learn how to use them

Excel has many useful features, many you will probably never use, but one of the most under used options are Sparklines.

A Sparkline is a simple graphical representation of your data in a cell format so you can quickly view your data at a glance.

The data can be represented in either Line or Column format with markers indicating High Points, Low Points, start, finish and each segment of data.



So how did we achieve this? Well actually its quite simple.

In Excel firstly add a new blank column.

Now click on INSERT and select LINE from the Ribbon bar

Select the Data Range that you want to appear (easiest way is to click and drag from the top left to bottom right ie.in our example we dragged from cell C1 to cell L12

Then select the location range, ie. where do you want to display the data. Again in our example we dragged from cell B1 to B12

Click OK.

You now have a variety of options under the Design option on the Excel Ribbon such as High Point, Low Point, Column, Win / Loss

Spark RIbbon

Play around with it, it’s a simple yet quite powerful feature.

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