How to remove compatibility mode from a network shortcut

So you have a program where the exe file runs from the server. You have created a shortcut on your desktop to the exe. file. For one reason or another you right clicked on the icon and ran Compatibility mode and it determined something better.

Overtime new updates to the program have been installed to ensure it is compliant with your current Windows Operating System, and you now want to turn off compatibility mode but discover when you right click on your shortcut it is all grayed out, and any new shortcuts to the exe file still run in the mode set previously.

So how do you turn it off?

Well there is a registry hack.

Open up the registry editor (click on Start and search for Registry Editor)

Now expand the “Keys” (they look like folders, but are called keys) as follows:


(we have put WndowsNT in bold as some of you may mistake it for the WINDOWS key which you don’t want to be in)

When you click on Layers, on the right hand side you will see a list of the program(s) running in compatibility mode.

Highlight each one you want remove and press delete on the keyboard and confirm the deletion. Close the registry editor and reboot your computer.

Your program will now run normally in the same mode as your Operating System.


We take no responsibility for any issues that may result from editing the registry. If you are unsure how to use it, contact your respective technical support or us. Editing the registry can have serious and unexpected consequences that can prevent the system from starting which may require re-installation of your computer. We recommend you backup your registry before editing it.