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Getting the right IT support for your business is vital. It helps to ensure that your employees are able to carry out their work without disruption

IT SUpport services

IT Support for small to medium sized businesses

With our easy to understand pricing scheme or Pay As You Go options coupled with our low prices, you can pay to cover whatever areas of support you need. You can change it depending on what you need and what your budget is.

And we don’t stop at IT support. With a wide range of services on offer, Optimised Communications really is your one stop shop that caters for all your office needs.

Whether you need ad-hoc support or prefer to take advantage our of contracted support costs, our services are flexible enough to cater for you.

Why do I need IT support these days?

Good question. Computers are more reliable than ever. The Cloud is removing the need for costly server maintenance. However networks, all need configuring and when your computer goes wrong you need someone whom you can trust to fix it.

What services do you provide?

Over the years we have built up a wide range of services. As IT continues to develop we continue to add more. Some of the services we provide can be found here.

Is IT Support really cost effective?

Yes. All of our contracted clients have saved money by having a contract in place which comes with reduced prices. There are times in any given year, when your issue can take many hours to fix. Paying ad-hoc to resolve can easily cost more than a quarterly payment.

What are the benefits of having support?

  • Fast response
  • Lower Costs
  • No charge worries when calling
  • Control of expenditure
  • Access to experts with wide knowledge base

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